Alpine goats in India

(Alpine Goat Farming is a Great and Guaranteed Profitable Business Idea)

Alpine goat breed is one of the best breed for commercial dairy breeds and mainly raised for commercial milk production.

Alpine goat breed is one of the best breed for commercial dairy breeds and mainly raised for commercial milk production. It is one of the best proven successful goat breed. The alpine breed is A French breed found commonly in Switzerland. The average life span of this breed is 8-13 years. The alpine goat milk is rich in niacin, calcium and vitamin A, the fat content is 3-4 %. The hair is medium to short. Alpine milk is used for making cheese, soaps, butter and ice cream. Goat’s milk and meat has a huge domestic demand and goat is one of the choicest meat and milk source. Benefits of alpine goat breeding: • Alpine goat farming is a great and guaranteed profitable business idea. • Capital required for this business is comparatively less than other business opportunities. Even you can start with a little amount of goats. And by proper care and management, you can grow your business to the next level within one year or two. • Goats produce kids more than once a year. So, if you start with a few goats then you will be able to grow your business fast. • Goats require housing/sheltering facilities less than other livestock animals. • It is very easy to maintain goats and maintenance costs are also less. • Goats require less labor cost. There are several types of alpine goats, American alpines, Swiss alpines, Rock alpines and French alpines. The mature goat has a weight up to 55-60 kg. The breed get mature for kidding in 4-7 months. These female goat gives milk up to 5.5 litres a day. They give birth to 1-3 kids at a time and twinning is common. Alpine goat is one of the expensive breed for commercial purpose. The cost of raising and breeding a goat does not end with just buying the goat. One can get a proper alpine goat from between Rs.7,123 – 21,370, although some breeders might ask for more depending on the goat itself. Thus, there are not many farmers raising this breed. Alpine goats have high nutritional needs, so they must have a balanced diet. Goats are very high jumpers, therefore, to raise this breed farmers should build tall fences around their shelter. In India, farmers prefer cows than alpine goat due to its high cost. However, the milk prices are expensive of this breed than any other, mainly because of high nutrient content. The meat prices also differ to a large margin. Goat milk is very beneficial in many diseases such as Chikungunya. It fights inflammation, strengthens bones and act as a good metabolic agent. Therefore, for countries like India which is often affected by many diseases, regular availability of goat milk becomes a necessity. Alpine goat is excellent when comes to nutrients value. Government should consider promoting breeding of alpine goat in the country by giving subsidy to the farmers. Alpine goats are hardy, adaptable animals that thrive in any climate while maintaining good health and excellent production.


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