Integrated farming system

(Integrated farming system is an innovation in farming)

Integrated farming system includes all type of farming systems such as arable, pastoral, agroforestry, mixed, subsistence and sedentary.

Integrated farming system is an innovation in farming for maximizing production through optimal use of local resources, effective recycling of farm waste for productive purposes, community-led local systems for water conservation, organic farming, and developing a judicious mix of income-generating activities such as dairy, poultry, fishery, goat-rearing, vermicomposting and others. It builds farmer capacities for adoption of productive, remunerative, eco-friendly and self-sustaining integrated farming systems. An integrated farming system consists range of resources saving practices that aim to achieve acceptable profits and high sustained production. Integrated farming system includes all type of farming systems such as arable, pastoral, agroforestry, mixed, subsistence and sedentary. For an instance, if a farmer does fishery together with his initial crop farming, he can simultaneously generate more revenue by marketing fishes. Similarly, dairy products can be generated by rearing cows and buffaloes along with crop production. Also integrated farming system is not confined within this but also encourages organic and zero budget farming as well. Making fertilizers and manure at home by utilizing cattle waste or using vermi-compost. All of such step reduces farmers input cost and generates extra income. If steps that should be taken towards making farming a profitable profession, integrated farming is indeed one of a step towards it. The Characteristics of integrated Farming System: 1. It is holistic or system oriented, 2. It is problems solving: involvement of farmers in problem identification and solving process, 3. It is farmer participatory, 4. It envisages location specific technology solutions, 5. It is for specific client group – small/ marginal farmer, 6. It adopts bottom up approach, 7. It compasses extensive on farm activities, collaboration between farmer and scientist, 8. It is gender sensitive, 9. It ultimate objective is sustainability, 10.It focuses on actual adoption, 11.It recognizes interdependence among multiple clients. Integrated farming system also comprise organic farming as well, because these chemical fertilizers are causing serious harm to human health thus making the consumer shift his demand towards organic products. Soil health is adversely affected in many parts of India, it is thus important to switch our farming system to a better and profound system so that all the crises which seems to occur in nearby future can be tackled or at least can be prepared.


Mixed Farming

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