Poultry Farming

(A Way Forward of Doubling Farmers Income)

India is the agricultural dominated economy and more than 60% people are directly depends on agriculture and allied industry.

India is the agricultural dominated economy and more than 60% people are directly depends on agriculture and allied industry.  This sector is very crucial for economic development of larger papulation of our country. With the significant contribution from agriculture sector, India’s’ economic growth will fly. India can’t become economic super power by ignoring structural reforms in agriculture sector. Therefore, economic empowerment of farmers is inevitable task. It demands sector wise examination of Indian agriculture economy.


One among all one of the important agriculture sector is the poultry where India is really doing well at global level. Poultry is one of the most important agro-based industry.  India is the only country in the world having a consistent growth in poultry the sector at 7% to 8%. India is the 3rd largest country in the world for egg production with the production of 88 billion eggs per annum and 4th in the world for broilers.


Poultry contributes Rs 1,00,000, core per annum in GDP. India has world-class technology in the poultry sector which makes it self-reliant in production. Indian poultry sector facing challenges like seasonality and price fluctuations even though it is making noteworthy progress. However, in recent times the Indian poultry sector is facing the worst crisis due to slow economic growth, increasing input costs and shortage of working capital. The adoption of the strategic approach for the survival of the domestic poultry sector is the need of the time.


Doubling farmer's Income : Indian poultry sector is providing a market for Maize and Soya. Over 60% of the country’s Maize and Soya production consumed alone by the poultry sector. Indian MSP for Maize is Rs 17600/ton while the corn prices on CBOT are USD 150/ton and similarly MSP for the Soyabean is Rs37100/ton and the CBOT prices are USD 340/ton and the poultry industry support Indian farmers to doubling their income. Thus, Indian farmer will not be able to find an alternative crop for 20 million hectares (Maize 8  & 11 Soyabean) in the absence of the poultry sector. Hence the Poultry sector is very important to achieve doubling farmer's income and doubling agricultural exports. India has potential to become top global exporter of poultry products by empowering the poultry sector through strategic inputs. India need to work out by which   poultry sector don’t lose the Japanese market to European and American countries. India may adopt various policy interventions to sustain in the export market such as product development and market diversification. It will definitely help to achieve the objectives new agriculture export of Policy of India.


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Agricultural production is not a miracle. It take Knowledge, Labour and Character.