As an engineer, he earned ?6.5 Lakh. As a farmer, ?20 Lakh !

Anup Patil of sangli district in Maharashtra is an IT engineer. The fame that anup didn’t get from his job but become famous by doing farming. As an engineer, anoop used to earn INR 6.5 Lakh per annum but after becoming a farmer he earns INR 20 to 25 Lakh per annum. After leaving his job, he understood the mathematics of farming in three month. He met all the farmers, understood the strategy of market and after he returned back home, he started his new journey as a Farmer. Anup has start his career in farming and in initial phase he used to cultivate colored capsicum, sweet corn, sugarcane and marigold on his 12 acre land. And because of his full information from farm to market, he makes good profit. Some years back he was a paid employee but now he has given employment to 10-15 more people. Know more about him and this video.

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