Quits 12 lakh job and Earn 40 lakh in just 6 month from farming

Ashutosh Pareek, a young farmer from Rajasthan proved in just 6 month that farming is not a non-profitable business. Those who say that it is stupid to leave a job of Rs 12 lakh per annum, but when the income of 40 lakh comes from farming in just 6 month thenwhat is wrong ? Ashutosh started his journey with gardening in the year 2016. Firstly he planted cucumber in polyhouse and in August 2018 he planed Dutch Rose. Ashutosh earned 40 lakhs from the Dutch Rose in a one and a half acre polyhouse. In the beginning of polyhouse farming, he spent 20 lakh. If we remove his expense then he get profit of almost 20 lakh. After his first success he get motivated and today he is getting a lot of profits from floriculture and also he has become famous among the farmers.

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